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The ten best design tips for the modern exhibition stand

Designing a modern exhibition stand is a complex challenge. Regarding fair trade construction worldwide, you must consider the limited space available at the trade fair and have immediate access to visitors who visit your modern exhibition stand. They should appeal to different target groups and spread additional messages. Of course, you also have to present other products. You might be interested in exhibition stand Dubai.

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Your fair trade stand is the most critical component when participating in a trade fair or exhibition - that's why everything has to be correct. The following ten top design tips will help you design the perfect presentation stand together with your exhibition stand builder in Austria. 

Design tips for the modern exhibition stand

Tip 1 - Create a concept

In the first step, you should create a concept for your modern exhibition stand together with your exhibition stand builder in Austria. You should use a theme that ties all the elements together. Your idea should combine well with your company's current marketing products. In addition, you can also create other specific marketing products that correspond to the concept of your fair trade stand. Know more about exhibition stand design.

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Tip 2 – Consider the pitch size

Find out how much space you need for your exhibition stand. There's no point in creating a brilliant exhibition stand if it doesn't fit into your intended exhibition space. Consider every square centimeter of your stand space and compare the result with the dimensions of your transportable exhibition stand. 

Tip 3 - Hit the ceiling

Many modern exhibitions stand only to reach head height. Check with the organizers and ask how high you can build your stand. You can hang displays and fabric designs high to attract visitors to your display stand by engaging them in other ways. Learn more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

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Tip 4 - Make a plan

Prepare a 3D design of your transportable exhibition stand. Design the booth to include all the necessary elements: technology, product displays, brochures, lights, signs, and furniture. Remember that you need space for employees, customers, and products or collections. They may choose to display fewer products rather than having to fill the booth with pop-up displays or shelves. Get to exhibition stand builders in UAE.

Tip 5 - Consider modern technology

Technology is part of today's world. How should you integrate technology into your mobile exhibition stand? Would you like potential customers to see your website during the fair? Can you show DVDs of your product in action or provide references on the latest technology, such as an iPod download?

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Tip 6 - Turn on the light

Lighting is an essential design element on any modern exhibition stand. It is crucial to design customized lighting for the mobile exhibition stand that goes beyond the lighting offered by the exhibition hall or conference center. You can use spotlights, downlights, uplights, and colored lights to highlight products and displays on your mobile exhibition stand. Are you looking for exhibition stand design ideas?.

Tip 7 - Edit the facade

Fabric is lightweight and can create beautiful effects when used as the main component of your exhibition stand facade. Cloth wrapped around a lightweight wooden or metal frame can create unique shapes that combine your concept with the utility of the beginning. A "box design" where everything fits into a particular fabric shape is more attractive than the old-fashioned "booth" display stand.

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Tip 8 - Colors are eye-catchers

Use color to create an eye-catching portable exhibition stand. You should design the colors and the exhibition stand furniture according to the colors of your company logo. Use colored lamps to create a unique feel in your modern exhibition stand, especially compared to the exhibition stands on either side.

Tip 9 - Keep signage simple

Signage is essential, but while it's meant to draw attention, it needs to be kept simple. If you try to explain your entire message on signs, you will find that few people stop to read the content. It's better to come up with three catchy words or a slogan that people will remember than lists of product feature information that few visitors pay attention to.

Tip 10 - Create a unique atmosphere 

Create a unique atmosphere in your exhibition space with lights, colors, shapes, and scents. Stimulate the senses of your potential customers - and you will find that your exhibition stand attracts more attention.


These top ten design tips will help you create a trade show booth that sells your message and grabs attention at the show. A professional exhibition stand designer can help you combine all of these design elements to create a mobile exhibition stand that you will love.

The ten best design tips for the modern exhibition stand

Designing a modern exhibition stand is a complex challenge. Regarding fair trade construction worldwide, you must consider the limited space...